omg the city of ember series was the best thing ever. but the books that i loved were the artemis fowl series, and random mystery books


i feel bad for saying this but i wasn’t much of an artemis fowl fan, i just read the first book even though his character was pretty cool (in an annoying way)

and yes i get you with the random mystery books, i dont think i can even count the number of those that i read

hey does anyone want to talk about books??? like i was cleaning and looking through my books that i haven’t thought about in a while which i used to love like

the city of ember, THE PEOPLE OF SPARKS and the book before that, the prophet of yonwood, and then the final one the diamond of darkhold

i love that book series so much and i really loved the sequels

another book which i just passed on to my sister to read today was icefire which is one of a book in this series about DRAGONS (has anyone read it ?) i don’t think that it was that popular

anyways any childhood/other books that have a place in your heart that you would like to share?